1) Does my child have to be toilet trained?
Children in the 2 ½ year old classes do not need to be toilet trained. 3 year olds and pre-K students will need to be toilet trained to attend school.

2) Do you provide snacks? What types?
We provide all snacks, unless your child has a life-threatening allergy.  We provide cheese, crackers, cereal, pretzels and other similar nut-free snacks each day at snack time.

3) Does VPC Preschool include lunch?
2.5 and 3s classes dismiss at 12 noon and do not eat lunch at school.  PreK students bring lunch from home and eat with their classmates on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Monday and Wednesday,  PreK students are dismissed at 12 noon.

It is very important for the safety of students with life threatening allergies that parents only bring nut-free foods in for lunch.  Please check the labels of the products you send in to be sure they are not processed in a facility that also processes nuts.  Water will be provided to drink, there is no need to send a drink in for your child.

5) What special classes will my child attend and how often?
We offer Chapel in the Sanctuary once per week. Music and Movement classes are once per week with our dedicated Music and Movement teacher.

6) Do the students go on field trips?
Examples of in-house field trips include a couple of times per year which included first responders (fire and police officers) musicians, science experts, a reptile expert, animal shows, storytellers, or magicians. 

7) How do you handle discipline at school?
We follow the tenets of Becky Bailey, Ph.D. and her Conscious Discipline philosophy and Katharine Kersey and Marie Masterson’s 101 Principles for Positive Guidance with Young Children.

8) Can parents visit the classroom?
Please contact your child’s teacher or the preschool office to discuss a visit to the classroom.

9) How do you handle the beginning of school and separation anxiety?
We invite families to attend a start-of-school parent teacher conference at the beginning of the year during which the parent and child will visit the classroom with the teacher and assistant teacher. Once school starts, we ask that parents provide a loving, confident and uplifting goodbye to their child. Our experience has taught us that parental confidence will translate to success for the child in having a happy and productive time at school. Parents are welcome to wait outside the building as long as they need and we are happy to check on your child often and report back to you how they are doing.

10) Do you provide financial aid?
Yes, please contact the preschool office for a scholarship application.

11) What hours are you in session?
We are in session from 9-12 Monday-Thursday for 2.5 and 3s students.  PreK students are in session 9-1 on Tuesday/Thursday and 9-12 Monday/Wednesday.

12) How will I communicate with my child’s teacher?
Each teacher will send out a weekly electronic newsletter. In-person parent teacher conferences are held before the school year begins and again in the spring, at which time a written assessments of each child are provided.   Parents may contact the teacher at any time with questions or concerns. In addition, parents may always speak to the teacher at drop-off or at pick-up or schedule a time for a phone or in-person conference. We love communicating with parents!

13) How do you handle children with allergies?
If a child has an EpiPen for a life-threatening allergy, parents must submit a MAT form (FORMS section) signed by a doctor when they bring in the EpiPen at the beginning of school. At the beginning of the school year, we will schedule a short conference with the parent, teacher, and administrative team  to go over the symptoms and treatment for the child.

14) Do you give medication at school?
We do not give any medications except EpiPens at school.

15) What safety training does your staff have?
All office staff, teachers and assistant teachers are up to date in PMAT (EpiPen administration), First Aid, CPR, and MinistrySafe (sex abuse recognition training). We conduct monthly fire drills  of the school as well.

16) What opportunities are there for parent involvement?

We routinely hosted several special events throughout the year including a Fall Donuts for Grown Ups, Halloween parade, Christmas parties, parent education seminars, mid-year after drop off Parents Morning Mug and a spring picnic.  Contact the preschool office staff or your child’s teacher for information regarding volunteer opportunities.